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How to book a photo session:

Please email me at carolina@ I will send you the photo session info and price list. Once you decide to hire me, an invoice and an online contract will be sent to you. Please keep in mind, I cannot secure the time and date until the deposit payment and signed online contract have been received.


When is the best time to do newborn session:

Newborn sessions are best held during the first 7-14 days of life. It typically lasts 2-3 hours. Session length may vary and depends on baby's mood and how quickly they settle into being photographed.


Can I have my baby photographed when they're older than 14 days old?

Absolutely! I've photographed few babies when they're a month old. The ideal of newborn portrait is under 14 days because they're super sleepy and still in that curly stage. But, that doesn't mean you can't get a beautiful newborn photos as well when your baby older than 14 days old.  With slightly older babies, we usually get some cute eye open shots as well. So, parents do not hesitate to contact and book your baby's photo session.


Do you pose the baby or just do natural shots?
I do mixture of newborn posing and baby led natural posing. If you have a particular shot you'd like me to try to capture, I will do my best to do this for you. I read your baby on the day and follow "baby led posing" meaning I will not force baby into a pose they are not comfortable with. For example, some babies love being on their tummy, others do not. Baby will let you know when they're not comfortable.


What to wear to newborn session?

simple, solid, with neutral or pastel color work best for newborn session.


What to prepare before the newborn session?

If you're nursing, try to avoid eating anything spicy (burrito, pizza, hot sauce, etc) that might upset the baby's tummy for 24 hours preceding the scheduled session.
If it's possible, keep baby awake for 1-2 hours before the session to ensure baby is sleepy for the session.


How long do you keep the pictures?

I will keep all the images from each session and event for 6 months. 


When the photos will be ready?

Photos will be ready in 10-14 business days.



Local clients pick up only (Santa Clarita residents). Outside Santa Clarita will be mailed via USPS. The shipping and handling fee is $8 only. I don't ship overseas.


Do you give clients unedited image or raw files?

All digital files will comes in Jpeg format. I do not give RAW/Unedited files to clients.  Giving clients unedited files is like a chef in a restaurant giving you a pan, raw meat, onion and seasoning and expecting you to cook the meal by yourself.
The digital images shared with the clients in JPEG format are the final product of photographer’s talent, creativity and experience. That’s the reason clients hire a photographer.


How many people are allowed in a newborn session?
Parents, sibling and grandparents. If you'd like to add another person, please add $15 each person. If you're planning to have an extended family portrait, ask me for the package. 


Is a newborn photoshoot safe for my baby?
Yes. Safety is my number one priority during a session and I will not do anything to compromise your delicate baby's welfare. I've taken Baby safety and Posing for Newborn Photographer education by Kelly Brown. All poses and techniques I use are carried out slowly, at baby's pace and with utmost care. I follow "baby-led" posing, meaning I will not force your baby into a pose or position they do not want to be in.  


Are you vaccinated against pertussis and the flu?

Yes, I'm vaccinated. I'm up to date with TDAP vaccination. I get my flu shot yearly. Since I also work for school districts, I've had to get TB test every two years. 


Are you certified with First Aid and infant and adult CPR certification?

Yes, I am.